spilled soda water pop or got any device wet

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spilled soda water pop or got any device wet

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This is to anyone that has spilled anything on their device. Before starting make sure the device is off and battery removed if possible so it doesn't short out anything. If you have to clean it and take it apart you need to remember how you took it apart and what goes where. Suggest writing down and taking pics if possible. Clean with rubbing alcohol. It will dry out fast and not cause as many problems. Either way if you can take your device apart as much as you feel comfortable with great if not do not risk it. Clean with q tips or a soft sunglasses or screen cloth so not to scratch. If water just dry as much as can. Most of your device like I said should be taken apart. Then find a fan and put all the peices on it to dry for 24 hours rotating or turning onto other side in between also. Most people do the rice trick which is good but if your like me and try other things and tried rice too all different times then you find peices of the rice or flour or oatmeal which has been tried all different times, sometimes that gets soaked into your device and can jam it up or cause your device to not work efficiently. I have a son who has caused many accidents and I myself have the worst luck on these spills on devices.

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